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There’s nothing like sitting at a beautiful drum kit, picking up your favourite brand of sticks and letting loose.

Part of you.

The right type of wood, the right skins and the right sounds make all the difference to a drummer. We make sure we help you find drums that are of the highest quality and produce the clearest and deepest sounds.

We carry all the best brands of drum kits, electronic drum kits, drum heads and cymbals. We also carry a wide variety of percussion instruments such as bongos, maracas, tambourines, and cowbells, so come visit us and try them out for yourself.

VHMC has all the drum accessories you need, so be sure to stock up on sticks, tuners, drum and cymbal bags and drum thrones while you’re browsing our shop.

Top Drum & Cymbal Brands

Drum Kits

Semi Cicle of rock

Surround yourself with one of our top-brand drum kits. Or if you're just starting, we have options for you.

Electric Drums

Quiet Rock

Whether you're looking for a new sound or just want to keep the noise down - check out our wide selection of electric drums.

Hand Drums

Skin it

From bongos to congas - our hand drum inventory is worth the trip. Visit us at the store and give them a try.



The right cymbals really make the kit. From hand-hammered to student studio cymbals, our large selection of cymbals won't disappoint.


Gong. Ting.

If you need that I-don't-know-what sound on your next track, give our percussion section a test drive for ideas.