To all students, parents and/or guardians:

Lesson fees will be going up to $25 per lesson, as of January 1st, 2023.

We have not had an increase in our fees since 2015, while other private institutions have increased their rates annually.

We here at VHMC feel this is a reasonable increase and hope that everybody agrees and understands.

All lesson days and times will remain the same.

All rules and regulations will remain the same.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

705-328-3695 or

Yours musically,
Gerald Van Halteren.

VHMC Lessons - Registration Form

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Rules & Regulations

Updated as of 1-Jan-2015

  1. All private lessons are $20.00 per half-hour time slot.
  2. Lessons are to be paid in advance per month (on a monthly-basis) to your instructor at the beginning of each month.
  3. No refunds or credits or missed or cancelled lessons.
  4. If you must miss a lesson due to holidays, school trips, etc. you are to let your instructor know at the beginning of the month/ pay period. Your monthly payment will be adjusted accordingly.
  5. If a student misses two lessons in a row without notifying their instructor before hand, their time slot will be filled without further notice.
  6. No lessons will be scheduled on statutory holidays. Students will be notified of any holiday breaks (ie: Christmas)
  7. Teaching programs run from September through to end of June. Summer lessons are available.
  8. Any NSF cheques will be subject to the regular bank charges/fees that will be incurred by your instructor.
  9. All students MUST complete and sign a registration form.

For more information regarding days/times available,
please contact:

Gerald Van Halteren